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Carleton College not only betrays the principles of the liberal arts but condones lies, deceit and deception by its own administrators, faculty and staff

Jim Fetzer at the Northfield Library. Photo credit: Northfield News

Jim Fetzer at the Northfield Library. Photo credit: Northfield News

by Jim Fetzer

Had I not lived through it, I would never have believed that a small town in Minnesota could resort to the same kinds of media manipulation that we confront with ABC, CNN and The New York Times. The Northfield News has now published a report about my presentation on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing without discussing my evidence or a single argument I had presented.

The Carletonian cited a few of the least important points I had made–implying that I had no stronger–and also published an editorial debunking the very idea of “conspiracy theories” as appealing to “villainous act(s) by a shadowy few”, very much in the style of Cass Sunstein, the architect of cognitive infiltration, but completely opposite my style, which is very specific and detailed.

The Northfield News

Here is what the Northfield News had to say about my presentation about Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing in its totality:

Fetzer’s talk lasted about an hour, beginning at 6:15 p.m. after a late start due to numerous technical difficulties with his PowerPoint presentation. After telling the crowd how proud he was of them for coming out to listen, he wasted no time in launching into the lecture.

Fetzer covered two topics on which he has written numerous articles about for the Veteran’s Today website — the Sandy Hook school shooting, and the Boston Marathon bombing, both of which are events Fetzer believes to be elaborate hoaxes orchestrated by “our own government.” A bulk of the photos and information in Fetzer’s talk and his presentation were pulled from his work for Veteran’s Today.

After his talk was completed, he was met with a smattering of applause before saying he would be “perfectly happy” to take questions from the audience.

In a nutshell, it says, “He began, he spoke, he ended”, with no specifics at all. No one could possibly know from this report what I had said or why anyone would believe that Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing had been fabricated events, calculated to instill fear across the nation and make the pubic more amenable to manipulation to advance a political agenda. That is utterly irresponsible reporting.

It would have been far more informative for Northfield residents to have read my summary about Sandy Hook from “The Abdication of Reason and Rationality in Northfield, MN” (17 January 2015), which was published a month and a day before my presentation:

SANDY HOOK (19 February 2015): You all know (and apparently buy into) the official account that Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 kids and 6 adults, which has been widely broadcast by the mass media. But working together with three other professors and a host of other independent students, we have established (1) that the school was closed by 2008, (2) that there was no mass evacuation (because no students were there); (3) that the “iconic” Shannon Hicks’ photograph was staged in advance; and (4) that the “official account” does not create a causal nexus that ties the alleged shooter to his purported victims and the weapons he is said to have used. Egad! We have even discovered the FEMA manual for the event, where there was a rehearsal on 13 December 2012 and the event went “LIVE” the next day. For substantiation, see the following and the list of articles I have attached:

“Media complicit and indispensable to ‘false flag’ success”

“Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing”

“The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen” (with Dennis Cimino)

“VIDEO: Bev Collins features Jim Fetzer on Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing”

Although it was not planned that way, electronic interference with my laptop (where images were jumping around, changing their size and location with no assistance from me–my mouse no longer in control of the cursor) led to an ad hoc arrangement using a PC (where the slide set that we were able to access was my old one, not the one that I had prepared for this occasion), The Bev Collins interview is very close my presentation at the Northfield Library, where the person hired to film it did not show:


I do not simply allude to those points but advance evidence that PROVES that the school was closed by 2008, that there was no evacuation (because there were no students to evacuate), that the Shannon Hicks’ photograph was staged and that the “official account” does not even connect the alleged shooter with his purported victims and the weapons he is said to have used. I even presented the key page from the FEMA MANUAL showing a rehearsal to be held on the 13th and going LIVE on the 14th. But none of this was significant enough to be reported by the Northfield News.

The Question Period

Although it was of far less moment, the Northfield News was similarly irresponsible in reporting about the question period, which lasted about as long as my presentation itself. Here are several sample illustrations:

Some of the younger members of the audience tried to challenge Fetzer during the question and answer period, to which he deferred back to information in his presentation and then tried to move on to other questions.

This student was asking about sources, where I was quite specific and told him (twice) to check out the references in Nicholas Kollerstrom, BREAKING THE SPELL (2014), and, for a general understanding of what was going on, to read Robert Faurisson, “Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism”. (My most recent discussion is “The Holocaust Narrative: Politics trumps Science”).

Northfielder Victor Summa raised questions on Fetzer’s beliefs regarding the Boston Bombing, stating he didn’t find Fetzer’s presentation to be “valid evidence,” a statement that drew surprising ire of both Fetzer, as well as another audience member who began shouting at Summa, before cooler heads in the crowd tried to keep a level of peace.

What was odd about this is that I had repeatedly explained that we have a video with the police calling out on a bullhorn, “This is a drill! This is a drill!”, that we have two tweets from the Boston Globe stating that a demonstration bomb will be detonated during the marathon and a second that it will happen in one minute opposite the library (which then happens in front of the library), and images of the wounded and maimed with no blood on the scene, where it only shows up on a delayed basis! So I then played the tape:


I was frankly incredulous that anyone would claim the evidence I was presenting “was not valid”, when it is so direct and obvious. I have since expanded on what I said then in a new presentation on the Boston bombing, which leaves no room for doubt. The Boston case, like Sandy Hook, has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, because the alternative hypotheses–that they were real–are not remotely reasonable. (I have discussed the fundamental principle of inference to the best explanation in this context in “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories': 9/11 and JFK”.)

As the evening drew to a close, an emotional Fetzer supporter in the audience tried to get him to make a definitive statement on his beliefs of the Holocaust — possibly one of the most controversial of his topics of interest. Many people have accused Fetzer of being a Holocaust denier, and he was asked about this point blank on Wednesday evening.

Fetzer stopped short of answering the question directly, and instead made statements like, “were the Jews treated brutally in World War II? There’s no question about it,” and that World War II was a “calamity.” He referred to his Veteran’s Today pieces on the chemical reactions of Zyklon-B in gas chambers during the Holocaust, then tried to wrap up the question by saying that there is a “theological” origin for the figure of six million Jews dying during the Holocaust, rather than a factual or scientific basis.

Well, this is pretty odd. Not only did I explain that World War II was a complex, sprawling event in which millions died, including large numbers of Jews, but that I specifically deny that 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in gas chambers using Zyklon B! I can’t imagine how much more explicit I could have been–where this misleading report is all the more bizarre since the author, Kevin Krien, should have been recording it, just as he has recorded our previous conversations by telephone. There was no excuse for this rather serious misrepresentation.

The Carletonian story

The front page story in The Carletonian (Winter Issue Six), “Fetzer gets a word in”, was, once again, by Leo Martin, who is listed as “Staff Writer” but who seems to have run of the student paper, where he had published on another front page story (Winter Issue Two), “Cow conspiracy series sparks faculty backlash”, which includes the baseless assertion that, while I claim to be a professor emeritus at UMD, the institution denies it:

Fetzer has published numerous books in support of several conspiracy theories and has claimed to be a professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Yet the institution denies any such connection.

So here you have Leo Martin, Staff Writer, giving his implied assurance that he has checked this out and UMD denies I am a professor there, which of course is not only absurd but could have been effortlessly verified by a phone call to the Head of the Department or the Dean of the College. Given this background, my expectations for responsible coverage were low, but not as hopelessly inadequate as his performance, where he states:

He used photographic evidence of moss-covered walls, boarded up windows, and the absence of oil stains in the parking lot to argue that the Sandy Hook Elementary School had been abandoned since 2008.

Citing unnamed members of the community, Fetzer said the school was used at the time as a storage center.

The evidence relating to the firearms used and the death certificates of Adam Lanza have been described as inconsistent and even fake.

What’s wrong with this is that I demonstrated the school had been abandoned and was being used for storage (at least a half-dozen ways), that the cars were improperly parked (all facing the school), that the school was not even compliant with Americans with Disabilities requirements (with no blue-and-white designated parking or handicapped accessibility), that furniture was stacked up against the windows (with no Christmas or Hanukkah decorations) and that DASHCAM footage showed no evacuation had taken place (because there were no students of evacuate).

The Shannon Hicks’ staged photograph

Egad! I also demonstrated here (for the umpteenth time) that Shannon Hicks’ “iconic” photograph of a police woman leading a string of students away from the building had been staged. Since this photograph was sent worldwide and appeared on the front page of virtually every newspaper publishing, I would have thought that this might deserve an acknowledgement from Leo Martin. But that would have undermined his effort to make my work look shoddy and careless. Here’s the original photo distributed around the world:


But it turns out that there was a second photograph (which Shannon Hicks’ admits she also took on that occasion), which shows a series of parents looking on as the police woman rearranges the children in the line to get “a better shot”! Anyone who thinks that the first photo was authentic for rushing students away from a school shooting massacre after having seen the second qualifies for the highest gullibility rating. Leo Martin could not spin this proof of deception so, as in the case of most of my other evidence, he simply ignored it, conclusive evidence that Leo Martin has not been acting in good faith:

rearranging the children

The comment about a member of the community having reported that the school had been abandoned, moreover, was in response to a question following my presentation, not part of my explicit argument for the school having been closed by 2008. And I also explained how the “official report” of the shooting failed to create a causal connection between the alleged shooter and his alleged victims and weapons and that the only death certificate to which we have access (from Lenny Pozner about Noah) has turned out to be a fabrication. But if Noah had died, there would have been no reason to fake one–another point that he did not report.


The Boston bombing

Given his deceptive performance in discussing Sandy Hook, I was not surprised to see more of the same from Leo Martin in relation to the Boston bombing, which he similarly trivialized:

He also presented his view on the Boston Bombing having been organized by the federal government.

His evidence included tweets from the Boston Globe about an alleged bomb squad drill, and audio from the event, which he argued purported the bombing having been a false flag operation.

To some members of the audience Fetzer’s presentation failed to convince. The passionate rhetoric was frequently accompanied by photographs without dates.

Well, as I have explained, you can hear the police using bullhorns to call out, “This is a drill! This is a drill!” and see the tweets from the Boston Globe in the video, “Boston Bombing THIS IS A DRILL heard live” above. The most interesting objection was raised by Victor Summa, who said he thought my evidence was “invalid”. Between the police announcements, the tweets from the Boston Globe, the blood that only shows up on a delayed basis (and is Hollywood fake blood), I was simply incredulous. So I have prepared an expanded version for him and any remaining skeptics that the Boston bombing was a staged event:


Martin makes many assertions that are crafted to imply that I am not careful and painstaking in my research, which is completely false. The remarks about “rhetoric” being accompanied by “photographs without dates”, for example, is an illustration. Many of the photo do not have dates, but their location (as having been taken during the Boston bombing, for example) is not in doubt. There are many indications that this man went out of his way to suppress the proof I was presenting, to minimize its significance and to convey the impression that I am not conducting serious research, which includes the identification of Craft International personnel as “the perps” and the identification of one of the key players as an actor whom he had cast in one of his own films by Hollywood producer and director, Nathan Folks. I don’t know how much more proof we need that Leo Martin is a hack. Just watch my presentations.

The Carleton Rogues Gallery

When you consider how many times I have been attacked by members of the Carleton College faculty and staff, who have issued stunning and baseless lies about me, I am having a hard time appreciating that Paul Wellstone was once a Professor of Political Science there. The list of Carleton College rogues has become imposing, indeed, where I shall give a capsule summary of their contributions in attempting to discredit me. The first on the list is Alan Rubenstein.


Alan RubensteinAlan Rubenstein 
is listed as Hanson Scholar for Ethical Inquiry, but seems to be a glorified teaching assistant and involved in a great deal more. It was he who denounced me as soon as my speaking engagement was announced and was instrumental in getting an associate dean and a professor of political science to circulate a petition that characterized me as an “anti-Semite”, a “Holocaust denier” and purveyor of “hate speech”. There are many oddities about him that I have addressed in “Auschwitz, Cows and Bigots in Northfield, MN”.






Rich GravesRich Graves is officially listed at Carleton College as the Senior UNIX Administrator/Network Security Administrator and appears to be a very close friend and ally of Alan Rubenstein. Graves has described me as “a paranoid schizophrenic” on The Contented Cow facebook page at 12:22 on 30 January 2015; and, when a Northfield resident expressed interest in hearing me address more recent conspiracies, Rich Graves offered himself as an alternative to my “insane ramblings” in the Northfield News.


Laurence Cooper

Laurence Cooper is identified as a Professor of Political Science  and is the apparent mentor of Alan Rubenstein, with whom he teaches a course nebulously named, “Windows on the Good Life”. It looks to me as though Cooper gives Rubenstein cover and legitimacy at Carleton that Rubenstein would otherwise not possess. I am therefore fascinated to learn more about this man and his association with the ubiquitous Alan Rubenstein.




Louis NewmanLouis Newman is the Associate Dean of the College and the link between the faculty and the administration. It is one thing for a glorified teaching assistant and his mentor, a professor of political science, to run a scam against me claiming that I am an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier who is spreading hate speech and a whole nother matter for an associate dean of Carleton College to be involved, because that in turn implicates the Dean herself. It was a blunder by Carleton to have the administration involved.



Beverly NagelThat leads us to the Dean of Carleton College, Beverly Nagel, to whom I have written four times: on 15 January 2015, a letter to Laurence Cooper protesting his abuse of The Contented Cow (with a copy to the dean); on 17 January 2015 (emailing a copy of “The Holocaust Narrative: Politics trumps Science”); on 22 January 2015, inquiring about the vendetta being run against me and Norman Butler of The Contented Cow, when Norman was attempting to bring intellectual stimulation to Northfield by featuring speakers on controversial subjects; and on 23 January 2015, requesting a formal retraction and public apology for the absurdity that appeared in The Carletonian asserting that, while I claim to be professor emeritus at UMD, the institution denies it. She has not replied.




Stephen G. Poskanzer


The President of Carleton College, Stephen G. Poskanzer, like me, is a Princeton graduate (cum laude in international relations, 1980). He earned his law degree at Harvard in 1983 and, as a scholar of higher education law, has academic freedom the focus of his career. That fits the situation here, because it appears to me that the Carleton College faculty, staff and administration have violated my academic freedom. When I wrote, I copied the AAUP, its Committee on Academic Freedom and the Higher Learning Commission, which is responsible for the accreditation of Carleton College.


Where things stand

Something is rotten in Northfield. We have a group of faculty/staff/administrators who are completely incompetent leading a charge against me as an “anti-Semite”, “Holocaust denier” and “purveyor of hate speech”. We have a member of the IT staff at Carleton who refers to me as a “paranoid schizophrenic” and “insane”. We have a local paper that publishes an article about my presentation but simply leaves out the evidence I present and the arguments I make. And we have a student newspaper, where a “staff writer” publishes a trivializing characterization of my presentation by omitting the most important proofs.

What is the value of a Carleton education?

Just to introduce myself, I graduated magna cum laude in philosophy from Princeton (Class of 1962), served four years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and resigned my commission to earn a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science (Indiana 1970). I spent 35 years offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning, all in colleges of liberal arts, before my retirement in 2006.

During that period, I published 24 books on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and evolution and mentality. You can check out my career at my academic web site. I have also published three collections of expert studies on JFK, one on 9/11 and a co-authored study of the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone.

My research since 2006 has been devoted to the critical analysis of the government’s accounts of JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing. In each case, my colleagues and I have discovered objective, empirical evidence that we have been deceived, where an example of my work (which you can download) is “Reasoning about Assassinations”, presented at Cambridge and published in an international, peer-reviewed journal.

In relation to the Holocaust, I have discovered that the official account of 6,000,000 Jews being murdered in gas chambers using Zyklon B violates laws of biochemistry and laws of materials science. Their bodies would have turned bright pink and the walls of those chambers blue. But we have no reports of pink bodies and the only walls that turned blue were those of the delousing chambers, where Zyklon B was used to control the spread of disease by lice.

As a philosopher, I value truth. As a philosopher of science, I know that science is our most reliable method of discovering truth. As a former Marine Corps officer, I care about the future of my country. So should I suppress what I have learned or reveal it? My attitude has always been that, if the Holocaust was real, research would sustain it; and if it was not, the world deserves to know. Would it be better the world should not know and believe false claims?

For publishing, I have been assailed by an associate dean, a professor of political science and a teaching assistant as an “anti-Semite” and as a “Holocaust denier”, who is spreading “hate speech”. But anti-Semites are persons who disvalue or discount the value or worth of persons or their opinions on the basis of their religious orientation or ethnic origins. I do not do that, which means that I am not “an anti-Semite”.

“Hate speech“ can be defined as any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. But I don’t do that either, unless accurately reporting the results of scientific research on a major historical event qualifies as “hate speech”.

Apparently, we face the choice of either not reporting the results of scientific research on a major historical event or being accused of hate speech. The Carletonian has published other false and defamatory statements about me, including that, while I claim to be a professor emeritus at UMD, the institution denies it—which could have been effortlessly verified by calling the Head of Philosophy or the Dean of CLA. When its faculty and students are so eager to attack me in reckless disregard of the facts, I am compelled to ask, “What is the value of a Carleton education?”

The best to have come from all of this may have been the publication of this letter to the editor in The Carletonian, which I would like to believe might induce a more thoughtful response to a situation like this, where Carleton College should have seized the opportunity created when Norman Butler cancelled “Cow Talks” to feature a controversial speaker at Carleton itself, thereby making its own statement about the importance of academic freedom and encouraging their students to attend and make a critical appraisal of the arguments I would be presenting, which might have reversed the impression that Carleton College condones lies, deceit and deception by its administration, faculty and staff. It was an opportunity lost.

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