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by Jim Fetzer

An alleged victim's parent makes a practice of harassing Sandy Hook skeptics


A man who calls himself "Lenny Pozner" and claims to be the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Noah Pozner, has filed a copyright infringement suit against James Tracy for purportedly using an image of Noah without his permission. The suit is absurd on its face, since James Tracy was using a photo that had been distributed world-wide which happened to include that of (the person he claims to be) Noah, as a victim of the shooting in Pakistan.

If "Lenny" is correct, therefore, then this was the second death of Noah Pozner. The weight of the evidence not only supports that no one died at Sandy Hook but that "Lenny Pozner" is a fraud, where his real name appears to be Leonard P. Ozner, as Kelley from Tulsa exposed and I discussed in an article I published with Dr. Eowyn, "Are Sandy Hook critics delusional with 'twisted minds'?, which begins:


The article include an analysis of the copy of the "death certificate" for Noah Pozner that Lenny provided to Kelley, which turns out to be a fake. If Noah had actually died at Sandy Hook, there would have been no reason to fake one, which implies that Noah did not die at Sandy Hook and confirms that Lenny is a fraud. Here is the certificate:



As Dennis Cimino has observed, why would they need to use different typewriter ribbons on that certificate for different fields of it? and why is the certificate clearly with shaded areas that are not uniform like authentic death certificates are? You can clearly see that the typewriter clarity is blurry in some fields and clear and crisp in the others, meaning that, while the blurry ones may have been done with a typewriter, the clear sections were photoshopped into the document.  
His observations have been reinforced by additional observations sent to me by Bob Sims:
(1) I am rather surprised, according to the copy you posted, that any branch of government was still using typewriters at all, when computers can do it so much better. However, the use of a typewriter in this case makes it much easier to spot fraud.
(2) For starters, can you see any reason for the government typist to change the ball back and forth on the IBM machine I must assume was being used, because I cannot think of a reason to go to the extra trouble, and what for?
(3) For example, look at the very top in Box 3, where the date is posted. Why is that type clearly smaller than the rest of the page? You would have to change the ball for this, but for what reason?
(4) Now look at the capital “A” in Box 12 for Residence (Alpine). It is identical to the capital “A” in Box 22 for Mailing Address (Alpine). It is also identical to the capital “A” in Box 33 for Funeral Home. This is totally as expected, is it not? Read on.
(5) Note that the capital “A” in question above in three different boxes has a small flag at its pinnacle. Compare that to the capital “A”, without the small flag in Box 4, Time of Death, Box 26, City or Town, Box 27, County of Death, and Box 39, Time Pronounced, and in Box 46, Time of Injury.
(6) Compare Box 1, “Noah,” with Box 7, “November,” and you will clearly see that the spacing between the “N” and the “o” is quite different.
(7) Compare Box 1, the “N” in “Noah,” with Box 26, the “N” in “SANDY.” They are clearly different.
(8) Compare Box 1, “Samuel,” with Box 11, “Sandy,” and again, the spacing between the “S” and the “a” is clearly not the same.
(9) In fact, the entire spacing in Box 1 is unlike any other in the forged document.
(10) Compare the name “Pozner” in Box 1 with “Pozner” in Box 20, clearly not the same.

Noah Pozner’s death certificate is a fake, which we have proven on a dozen or more different grounds. But if Sandy Hook had been real, there would have been no reason to fake it. QED Which means that James Tracy has called his bluff and he will be unable to substantiate his claim for copyright infringement, which was ridiculous on its face.

HONR Network, “Lenny Pozner” Fall Silent on Copyright Infringement Claim by James Tracy 

On March 22, 2015 an individual identifying himself as Lenny Pozner of HONR Network filed a copyright infringement claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act with Memory Hole Blog Internet Service Provider for MHB’s January 2, 2015 reproduction of an image of his alleged son, Noah Pozner, who according to official reports was killed in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. The image in question appeared in the aftermath of the December 16, 2014 Peshawar Pakistan school massacre and was widely circulated via a BBC news report.


Image Credit: FellowshipofMinds.com

Upon notification of this complaint by MHB’s ISP James Tracy issued a request to Pozner on March 30 for evidence to further corroborate Pozner’s identity, his relationship to Noah Pozner, and his actual ownership of the image in question. As of May 3 Pozner has yet to respond with any materials that would warrant his infringement claim. Proof of Pozner’s receipt of the request and the text of Tracy’s March 30 correspondence is reproduced below.

The unfulfilled request for documentation is noteworthy because Pozner has successfully used DMCA infringement claims to silence numerous alternative media outlets in an effort to thwart continued research of the Sandy Hook massacre event.

(On April 2, 2015 Pozner’s “Agent” signed for the USPS certified letter.)


James F. Tracy
Boca Raton, Florida

March 30, 2015

Lenny Pozner
HONR Network
261 South Main Street
Newtown, Connecticut 06470


Dear Lenny Pozner

I am in receipt of electronic notification as of March 26, 2015 via my internet service provider Automattic concerning an alleged copyright infringement complaint under [512(c) of the Digital Milleneum Copyright Act filed by you on March 22, 2015 for an image purportedly owned by you and used alongside commentary and analysis in the following post that appears on Memory Hole Blog:

The specific image may be found here:

As proof of your alleged ownership of the image in question, you have provided the following url:


[Editor's note: Which yields the following image (purportedly of his son, Noah Posner:]

As you know, in addition to its broad circulation following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event on December 14, 2012, this image was published by British Broadcasting Corporation and received similar worldwide circulation following the December 16, 2014 Taliban attack on the Army Public School and Degree College in Peshawar Pakistan.

You have provided your electronic signature under penalty of perjury that you are the copyright holder of the above referenced image and have accordingly requested that it be removed from Memory Hole Blog.

I have voluntarily removed the image in question on March 30, 2015. However, given that numerous similar copyright complaints made by you against parties that have publicly questioned and analyzed the Sandy Hook massacre event, I have reason to doubt the good faith nature of your March 22, 2015 DMCA copyright infringement claim. An action with such potential weight to stifle free speech needs the utmost scrutiny. I am therefore requesting written evidence of the following from you:

1. Proof of your identity via copy of a government-issued document, such as a state driver’s license or passport.

2. Proof of your relationship to the deceased party, Noah Pozner, whose alleged photograph appears in the image in question referenced above.

3. Proof of your ownership of said image via a signed and notarized statement from a qualified and licensed forensic expert substantiating your legal ownership of said image, including the date and time of the image’s capture.

Please send the above information via regular mail to myself and Automattic no later than 10 business days from your receipt of this correspondence. Automattic’s mailing address

132 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Thank you for your attention to the above.



James F. Tracy